It is one thing to set up a business, but quite another to get people to know about. This is where marketing your business comes in. Most small business owners are busy keeping their customers happy so they will tell there friend (which is probably the best marketing you can get!) so here at Purple Bobcat we aim to help you increase your customers, while you can get on with wowing them with your serice.

We can help in various ways from simply offering advice, to carrying out work on your behalf.
Some of the services we can provide are listed below:

Social Marketing

We can set up Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and many other social channels for you, which you can then manage yourself, or we can do on your behalf. Depending on the services or products you offer we can suggest where you need to be found in order to have the most impact for your business.

Search Engine Optimisation

Having a website is one thing,, getting it found in Google is another thing entirely. We can work with you to decide which phrases are most relevant to your business and then look to optimise your website so that you appear on the first page of the search results.
For a lot of businesses their target customer is based locally to them, so we can also help set up your address information on Google in order to help you appear in search results for customers in your area.

Pay Per Click Advertising

When you need to appear in the search results in a hurry the easiest way to do it is through Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising. We can help advise you on the phrases to bid for, and how to create adverts so that you receive the best return for your investment. With PPC advertising it is easy to spend a large amount of money and not receive the result you wanted, so at Purple Bobcat we work with you so that you can achieve the result you need.

IT & Retail Systems Advice

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